Great Opportunity to Get Extra Income Without Having to Start a Business or Take on Another Job!

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Now you can earn thousands of dollars by GIVING AWAY Vacation Incentive Certificates through text, email, phone etc. to anyone, anywhere in the United States.

● No MLM – No Products to Buy – No Quotas
Simply an honest effort on your part and you will succeed!

● 1-Year Authorized Distributor License Required
This is your only required purchase.

Here’s What You Receive:

1. UNLIMITED FREE vacation, restaurant and grocery savings certificates to use as giveaways for a full 12 months!

Use as a stand-alone or dovetail with your existing business! Certificates can be printed or sent digitally via email or text.

2. PERMISSION to “Re-Sell” License Certificates to business owners, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, etc. so they can access UNLIMITED FREE vacation, restaurant and grocery savings certificates to use as giveaways to their prospects, clients, customers, patients, etc. for a full 12 months.

For Example:

  • A nail salon offers a 3day/2night hotel stay certificate when a customer gets a manicure or pedicure.
  • An auto dealership provides a 4day/3night all-inclusive resort escape certificate for taking a test drive.

The Possibilities are Endless! And as an Authorized ReSeller, when you “re-sell” a license: You Keep 100% of Your License Fee!

3. PERSONALIZED Marketing Website and 1-on-1 Mentoring!

● Commission Paid for Each License Renewed!

As your customers renew their annual license, they always pay your fee directly to you so starting this time next year, you’ll begin enjoying 100% RESIDUAL commissions!

Sample Potential Earnings Scenario

1st Year: One Merchant license issued per day would earn you $51,740 in commissions (based on Mon-Fri @ $199 fee each).

2nd Year: Duplicate prior year fee results PLUS license renewals in year 2 would earn you $103,480 in commissions – and so on!

Commission Paid for Each Certificate Redeemed!

Just 500 certificates redeemed per month will earn you a $2,500 commission check PLUS the money you receive from “re-selling” the license certificates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: YOU will receive commissions on EVERY certificate that is redeemed from those you give away AND from those given away by businesses who purchased their Merchant license from YOU!

Monthly Certificate Redemptions Commission

001 to 100 – $2.00 each
101 to 200 – $3.00 each
201 to 300 – $4.00 each
301   &  up – $5.00 each


Cash Saver Inc Distributors

Since 1993, Cash Saver Inc. GUARANTEES to honor 100% of their vacation certificates under their simple terms and conditions.

  • Cash Saver Inc. earns their money by re-booking their customers on return specials.
  • We invite you to check them out with Federal, State and Local Agencies such as the Better Business Bureau.
  • If they have no legitimate complaints, they must be doing something right. Thus the A rating

Just for reading our proposal you are entitled to personally use our three vacation offers below:

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